Our Goal


Formed in 1937, the primary goal of the 100+ member Beekman Fire Company is to provide fire protection and EMS services to the more than 14,900 residents of this 37 square mile town. 


The fire department will continue to maintain its tradition of providing volunteer fire protection and EMS services to the residents of Beekman, N.Y.

Come Down!


New members are always welcome. The best time to check out the opportunities we offer is Monday nights from 6 to 9 PM. There are plenty of opportunities for residents to make a difference by becoming a volunteer for the Beekman Fire Company. Volunteers are not required to run into burning buildings although some choose to do so after completing proper training. Some are Apparatus Operators, some are Emergency Medical Technicians, while others are Fire Police. Make a difference in your community, become a volunteer. You will be glad you did!

2019 Response Statistics

January                               92  

February                              77

March                                  95

April                                    84

May                                     83
June                                   112

July                                    117

August                                124

September                          100

October                               00

November                            00

December                            00

Total                                   884 


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