The Beekman Fire Police are sworn Peace Officers in the State of New York pursuant to Section 209-c of the General Municipal Law (GML) and are registered through the Central State Registry of Peace Officers. We are charged with certain responsibilities, which consist of; the direction of traffic at all fires, drills, parades or emergency scenes, crowd control, maintaining safe conditions for emergency personnel at all fire and emergency scenes and other lawful duties that the Chief may order.

All Fire Police are required to successfully complete the nine (9) hour New York State Fire Police Training Course within one year of appointment and are further encouraged to seek additional training to assist them in carrying out their duties.

Line Officers
Captain:  John Adams
First Lieutenant:Trevor French
Second Lieutenant: Rich Cooke
Sergeant:   Gene Garnes
Secretary:   Rod Gonzalez


Fire Police Officers
Raymond Chase, Richard Cooke,Trevor French, Gene Garnes, Matt Garnes,
 Scott Goldberg, Jason Jones, Joseph Pellegriti
Peter Poltrack, Greg Rayburn, Dave Temple, Rich Usewicz
Rod Gonzalez, Bill Beyer, Dan Wiko


  Clint Savoury, Rich Usewicz, Vinny Uihlein, Peter Poltrack, Joseph Pellegriti



The Fire Police are unique in that we respond to all calls, whether they are fire or EMS. We also carry our tools of the trade in our personal vehicles, rather then storing them on the fire apparatus. For safety and relief, we normally operate in pairs whenever possible. We have pre-fire plans established in order to assist in the continuous flow of traffic due to any type of emergency that may arise.

All Fire Police are covered under the Volunteer Firemenís Benefit Law while on official duty within the district, or if you are on duty during a mutual aid situation, upon that district incident commanderís permission, you are also covered. All Fire Police are eligible to participate in the Fire Districtís "Length Of Service Award Program" (LOSAP); a program in which firefighters receive an annuity-type award at age 62 based on years of active service to the fire district.

Being a member of the Beekman Fire Police is not all work, our members and their families enjoy several social events that happen over the course of a year and we all look forward to these camaraderie-building social functions.

The Beekman Fire Police are always in search of good, interested people, who desire to make a positive difference in our town by reaching out and helping our fellow neighbors. If you will supply the time, we will supply the training and equipment!

Fire Police Code of Ethics

As a Fire Police Officer my fundamental duty is to serve mankind as I protect my brother
firefighters in their efforts to save life and property.

To This End:

I Will be alert and constant in my duties at all times.
I Will be constantly mindful of the welfare and rights of others.
I Will be impartial in my treatment of all persons coming under my jurisdiction.
I Will be firm, but also courteous and helpful to all and my feelings shall not influence my decisions.
I Will never be vulgar or profane in my speech or actions when on duty.
I Will cooperate fully with my superiors, fellow officers and all law enforcement agencies to provide greater protection to the public and the fire department I serve.
I Will strive to become more proficient in my duties as a Fire Police Officer by diligent study and training at every opportunity.
I Will regard my badge of a Fire Police Officer as a symbol of trust from
my state, community and my fire department and act accordingly.
I Will constantly strive to obtain these objectives as I serve as a Fire Police Officer.